Sometimes i remind myself pieces of my past...

"Sometimes I remind myself pieces of my past.
In some of these pieces I've memories, which even today can't leave my thoughts and fill my memory with lost moments, even futile ones.
I notice that even if I try, you come in several of these pieces.
I recall memories of two wet bodies, mine and yours, where we were fully wrapped by the rolled sand under a hot and shy sun of june.
I remind pieces where your voice captivated me, how your voice made me smile and I, perhaps blinded by the heat and the heat that surrounded when we were involved, I wanted to believe that moments like this would be too hot to be forgotten.
I made a mistake.

Today, nothing more than a fire extinguished warms ou friendship. But I've learned a lesson with you - I learned that I should never deposit in certain moments, a hope that I know won't lead me to much more than just that, moments.
I learned another lesson's too - Could it have been more that these moments? No, probably not. But I don't regret it. I met one of the few people in this way who I respect for his authenticity, simplicity and his way of looking at life.
Thank you.

I wake up from here to a new life. Life that I chose and that I share. And there's nothing better that that.
I'm fortunate because I still have you as a companion of my journey and that is enough. The friendship will neve be broken or destroyed. To friendship, ages. coulours, languages, cultures don't matter... but what each one of us is in essence.
Despite everything, I have moments when I look back. I know that I can't recover them in one way or another. But I know that I can live some other ones at the present.
Stay where you should be, right back, but as a guide for the future."

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